Beginning String Musician

Learning To Read Music For The Beginning String Musician

As a beginning string musician, you have a lot of stuff to learn. In addition to holding your instrument properly and training on how to actually make sounds with it, if you’ve never studied music before, you must learn to read it. Just like any language, music is written and read.

Music Orchestration

Music Orchestration Made Easy: Learn Secrets

The orchestra is the ultimate ensemble. Musically, it can do almost anything – and it’s capable of expressing every imaginable emotion. But if you’re an inexperienced music orchestrator, or you’re used to writing for virtual instruments, how do you make a real life orchestra sound good?

Composing A String

If you are writing for a professional group (e.g. Kronos, Arditti) they’ll want something which is highly artistic.

Happy String Quartets

At whatever age and level of accomplishment the players may be, the basics of quartet playing are the same.

Second Violinists

If any supposedly equal member of a string quartet is going to be overlooked, it is bound to be the second.

Advice For Second Violinists

Intelligent, modest, self-controlled, sympathetic: a description of all good second violinists from The Strad